Tech Blog Code of Ethics.

Editor’s Notes

Our Cartoonist noticed a number of tech blogs quoting one another and pronouncing the death of Google Plus.

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↓ Transcript
Three men are seated at a curved table.

Man 1: Let’s post a 10,000-word story tonight.

Man 2: Because you overheard some random guy in a mall?

The next panel shows the exterior of a building bearing a large sign that says: TechGrunts.

Voice from building: Under our code of ethics, we can’t just make up 10k words.

The next and final panel shows the same three men.

Man 1: How about 5k words?

Man 3: Very doable.

Man 2: I’m halfway there already.

All three men gesticulate outward and upward with their arms.

Title: Tech Blog Code of Ethics.