Sony Hacked.

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↓ Transcript
Narrator: Live press conference.

A man and a woman stand at a lectern near a microphone. The man holds a flat object in his right hand.

Man at lectern: Sorry, we can’t disclose which operating system we’re using.

The next panel shows a more distant view of the man and the woman at the lectern. It is seen that they are standing on a raised platform. An audience is in attendance.

The man at the lectern gesticulates with his arms and with the object in his hand.

Man at lectern: That would make it too easy for other hackers.

Member of audience: Isn’t that water under the bridge?

Rhe next and final panel shows the same scene, in a slightly closer view.

Man at lectern: Um. There’s no bridge, per se.

Another member of audience: Any water?

Man at lectern: None.

Woman at lectern: Per se.

Title: Sony Hacked.